Bucket Ride

It is a thrilling ride that takes on an exciting journey up, around, and down an inverted roller coaster.


Mini Dragon Train

Let your children sit in the little bogies and watch them laugh out loud. A mini dragon train ride is quite popular among kids.


Mini Super Jet

The ride features small rockets that rotate slowly at first, then take off gradually.


Mini Pirate Ship

 Feel an adrenaline rush and experience a lot of movements at the same time.


Revolving Tower

The Revolving Tower ride rotates in a circular motion, offering an awesome view of Fun World.


The Sun & Moon Mini Wheel

Riders can enjoy the sensation of being pulled in opposite directions as two spinning wheels represent the Sun and Moon. It is for all aged people.


Kiddy Tagada

With its spinning motion, multicolored lights, music, and effects, the ride is even more exciting for children


World Wrestling Pillow

Two competitors use padded pillows as weapons in an all-out combat game for kids.


Kiddies Bumper Boat

 Kids can sit in their own boats and have fun in the tiny pool as well as play with others their age.


The Jumping Frog

Here the kids are safely harnessed to their seats, so no need to worry about it, children can enjoy free falls from a certain height.