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The best office Shifting service in India is available at the click of a button. We provide a range of quality office relocation services, matching our client's needs. At Easemyshift, we cater to every aspect of your business move; from packing and loading to moving commercial relocation.

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EaseMyShift caters every aspect of your commercial move such as packing, loading and transporting office goods. With our easy and consistent moving services, theres never a loss of working hours involved in the transport and delivery of goods. Our deliveries are completed with minimal timeframes. We've designed our services to meet your office relocation needs at an affordable rate. We assure you that our service is stress-free and your happiness will be a priority.

Commercial goods and documents moves need to be handled carefully while office relocation. It's not as simple as personal belongings, and requires a lot of research into what needs to be done. Need to consider all the commodities and details associated with your business. Office movements come with some risk and responsibility. And a lot of things aren't owned by just one person, but the entire staff that's affected. The process of moving goods depends on many factors. The length of the move, the duration, and the budget all factor into a successful office relocation to a new place.

No doubt, Moving offices is a time-consuming task. All commercial/office moves require a team of six to get all your belongings relocated. While you might be able to relocate your household items all by yourself, this is not possible for commercial moves. To avoid being slowed down and exhausted by the hard process of packing and moving office items, it's best to leave it to professional service providers. The office relocation process is always complicated, whether the move is planned locally or domestically. For a high-quality packing and moving experience, consider the best packers and movers services. Office relocation services are easier with our help. Routine work is never disrupted with our high-tech technology. We are also capable of managing big and small organizations. We certainly provide you with hassle-free and affordable office relocation services at reasonable prices.

Successfully office relocation in India

There are a number of difficulties and challenges that come with relocating and rearranging offices. It is a time-consuming process with many huddles, but it is important to do it comprehensively so that you are safe. People are usually worried when they have to relocate their office.

Successful Ways that will make your office Relocation in India go well without Stress:

The office relocation team-building process and Plan

When it comes to relocation, proper planning and budgeting is necessary. Moving an office, for example, often requires much more detail than other types of moves. The first step in moving an office is to assign a project manager who can answer questions and coordinate with movers, providing a safe transition to the new location.

"We're Moving!" Notice to the employes

To avoid complications, notify your employees well in advance so they can plan accordingly. There are many things to be mindful of when going through a relocation. For a cleaner and simpler office relocation, ask the staff to pack their work materials before the day they leave. If you do it this way, you won't need to worry about unpacked files containing confidential information.

Hiring skilled and trained movers and packers

Shifting offices is a hard task to handle and requires professionals on your team to help. The moving company is the best way to avoid stress and feel comfortable during a move. To make sure to hire reputable movers and packers, do the research and get references first. The moving process becomes a lot less stressful with quotes from previous customers.

Prepare Staff for moving Process

Before Shifting the entire work office, you should make a plan and share that of the new office layout with office staff. Once decided on where things are going, the new destination, you should take into account how they're going to be placed. Managers should share office relocation plans in advance to avoid turmoil.

Complexifying the office relocation process is a risky endeavor. One mistake can lead to costly consequences. If you want to be prepared for any type of workplace shift, make sure to do your homework beforehand. So, Hire someone when you're relocating to the office and your work will be better.

Obstacles/difficulties of office Shifting in India

As one of the most common reasons that office relocation in India is considered to be difficult, there are only certain obstacles that are treated as very difficult.The most common obstacles people face while shifting office goods from one location to another.

A number of goods to be moved - If you're moving a lot of people to the same location, it can be tough to pack up and move everything at the same time. Coming up with a way to pack and move all items in one go can be hard too, as the workspace consists of so many tiny and large items. Without human editors, it would be next to impossible to handle an issue that requires such specific expertise.Because every item cannot be handled individually, having professional experts is necessary.

Confidential Document - Office is not always owned by one person. All office workers have their important materials at the office. All of the documents at an office are important, and each one demands a lot of importance. One document is a disaster waiting to happen. It could be lost or destroyed, unable to be trusted in the event of an emergency.

Office Furniture and Equipment - Furniture, such as desks and office chairs is in bulk at the new office place. Shifting it from the old office to the new one is a tough task.Loading and packing unloads a lot of time for your employees. Make sure to always have spare hands on deck. If your office staff is skilled enough to take on this task, you will have no trouble. Otherwise, you might need to hire movers and packers.

Technical Arrangements - When you shift your office, you do not just hand over your items when you're at the new location, let alone handing over the company. Once a company's most important asset (production facilities) has been transferred to the new building, it is its responsibility to function properly and efficiently.The time it takes to set up and organize all the office supplies at a new workplace can be problematic. That's why sometimes you might have new jobs with consequences for your working environment.

Planning for an Office relocation in India

It’s challenging to work in an office on a typical day. But what about when you’re moving your office? There are plenty of distractions during an office move. Employees have a lot of work to get done in an unfamiliar environment which can lead to higher levels of stress. As a result, business leaders may have to worry about their income as well.

Keeping with the demands of your busy work schedule, Office Shifting Providers will help to manage the move. You can stay productive and worry-free during your relocation.

The needs for office maintenance are determined by the size of the company, their in-office employees, and their new office requirements.When small businesses grow, they might rent an office space rather than building one. Big businesses might want a new space for their growing company and build an entire building.This deconstructs the process into several steps. First, we plan a workplace strategy in which we consider all the aspects of this move and create a customized checklist or master plan with steps that cover various areas:

  • Plan on how to budget moving expenses
  • Create a communications plan for employees during a move
  • Prepare for your office relocation by assessing your office equipment
  • Find the right company to help you move
  • Check out interior designers that specialize in office spaces
  • Notifying vendors and clients of an office move
  • Plan and finalize the office seating plan
  • Plan for moving day
  • Pack up your things and make a plan
  • Keep in mind all the new stationary you'll need for a new office
  • Check the office is ready for a move
  • Before the move, make sure everything works for at least a short period of time or is functioning as it should be
  • Stock up on coffee and snacks ahead of move day
  • Get a new email address to reflect your new office
  • Use moving day timeline to help prepare for your office relocation
  • Provide your employees with parking instructions, so they can find their way to work.
  • Assign responsibility for moving specific items (such as cleaning out their desks, and transporting their computers)
  • Need to redirect your phone number
  • Collect old keys and organize important documents
  • Update the new address of the company's website and make sure it is visible, as well as updating Google Maps, email signatures, and any other location where they may be displayed
  • After finishing up your work tasks, look through the office for any items you may have left behind.
  • Make sure to clean out your desk and put all of your belongings in the wastebasket.
  • Add special touches to make employees’ first day a positive experience by while they explore the office and area.

Moving to a new location can offer many benefits for a company including more space, higher visibility and decreased commute time. An office relocation in India can lead to other changes that you wanted to make. Completely change office dynamics in order to generate new ideas. By changing the creativity of employees' environment, they're able to think more creatively and come up with innovative ideas.

How it works?

Pre-Move Survey

Pre-Move Survey

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Trained performers prepared to disassemble the makeshift venue,load them onto the trucks.

Quality Packaging

Quality Packaging

Best Range of Poly & Paper based Packaging Products that are used in Shifting.

Careful Loading<

Careful Loading

Loading-Carefully and arrange the items on Moving Truck or Lorry to reach safely their destination.

Secure Transport

Secure Transport

All the item is moved to the required destination with safety and security

Keeping at Warehouse

Keeping at Warehouse

we are one stop storage providers to store your valuable possessions.

on time delivery

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery enable our users to experience a smooth relocation.


Careful Un-loading

Safely removing secured items during unloading at the final destination.

Frequently Asked Question's

Can I get relocation services through Easemyshift?

Yes! Experts in office relocation are able to provide a complete solution for any kind of office move, including employee relocation. EaseMyShift offers a complete services experience for anyone looking to relocate their workplace.

In India, the cost of office space shifts depends on the size of your business.Your estimation of the cost of the move will depend on factors like where your company is located and where it will be moved. Packers and Movers can provide a quote for the move after inspecting your shipment for instance.If you’re looking for an estimate of the cost of office Relocation services, you can use the EaseMyShift Quotes tool for free quotes.

Yes, of course! You can also plan your next local and domestic office move with the help of our professional. It’s easy and convenient.

The decision for which type of business to use completely depends on the type of business you have and also the number of employees you have, and most importantly your preference.When disaster hits, you don't want to be alone. In order to keep customer contact with your company uninterrupted, keep some employees on to manage incoming customer requests and concerns. Inform customers early in the process of any risks and adjustments in service.

You don't need to bring your own packing supplies. Most office relocation companies provide you with the service of packing, loading and unloading your goods, as well as transporting them.Office equipment, electronics, and fragile items will be packed separately and safely delivered to your desired location.With EaseMyShift, you can use their packing and moving service for an office relocation Services in India.

Putting employees to work when there's a move could put your company at risk.If your employees break something while they're moving your office, you're liable. Instead of hiring your regular staff, hire professional packers and movers for relocation that can do the job safely and efficiently.

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