Dumping Yard Kishangarh, Ticket Price, Timing, How to Reach

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Dumping Yard Kishangarh, Ticket Price, Timing, How to Reach Advertisement

Dumping Yard Kishangarh

Kishangarh, which is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, is 90 kilometers from Jaipur and 18 miles from Ajmer. Marble industries make Kishangarh one of Rajasthan's hidden jewels. Originally ruled by the Rathore and Rajputana dynasties, Kishangarh still reflects their grandeur. Kishangarh is among the least explored places in Rajasthan, and most people have no idea about it. This makes it one of the most popular places for those seeking an unusual place to visit, that is a marble slurry dump yard. Their beautiful sights have an unusual experience with stunning views and an offbeat tour to experience ethnic Rajasthan's rich cultures.

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Highlights of Dumping Yard Kishangarh/Ticket Price

Address RICCO Industrial Area, Marble Association, Paryavaran 2nd Rd, Kishangarh, Rajasthan 305801
Phone Number 01463-250-327
Entry Fee The tour takes one day to cover the entire area FREE of COST.
Timings 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/eMpfmNbefLSWwAcK7


  • If visiting in summer, it is best to arrive before 11:00 AM. The evening after 4:00 PM 
  • The best views of the sunset are found after 4:00 PM.

There is a beautiful man-made beauty at Kishangarh dumping yard, created by waste marble slurry. There are piles of marble wastes that resemble white snowy places, often referred to as mines of snow in the area. For those interested in heritage, arts, cultures, marble-made articles, and sculpture and crafts, this is an ideal weekend getaway.

The scenery is very similar to Ladakh/Manali or Greece/Switzerland, So photographs of pre-weddings and fashion are extremely popular at the dumping yard in Kishangarh. It is often the location of music videos and movie shoots for Hindi, Bhojpuri, South movies, and Punjabi movies.

Influencers and the film industry love this spot because it provides an ideal setup for Instagram-worthy photos and films at reasonable costs.

History of Dumping Yard Kishangarh

Kishangarh, an ancient business hub (Bani Thani Paintings, marble-made sculptures, temples, etc.) has been emerging as one of India's largest marble markets in recent years.

In 2003, The idea for storing the leftover marble on a specific plot of land was conceived by RICCO and the Kishangarh Marble Association when they were looking for a place to dispose of the leftover marble. In the end, the amount of trash collected was so huge that it formed a mountain/hill, and the white slurry made it appear like snow. Over time, with a formation of a hill the ‘Dump yard Kishangarh’ became a popular tourist attraction in Rajasthan. This area is called the snow mines because a white mound that resembles a white snowy place.

This dumping yard covers around 332 bighas of land, which cost around 2-50 crores, and was constructed by the state and Indian governments in 2009 under the Cluster Project.RICCO & Marble Association has promised that green practices are followed and pollution is kept to a minimum. They have around 200 tankers to dump the slurry.  The Dumping Yard Kishangarh project was completed in 2015.

The Kishangarh Dumping Yard Ajmer is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in India due to discarded marble slurry mountains everywhere. It is popular for fashion shoots, videos, photography, and also for low-budget films. Sometimes it's a substitute for snow as a backdrop.

Best time to visit  Dumping Yard Kishangarh

The best time to visit Kishangarh dumping yard is in the Winter season. The land looks like the moon land in a desert state. The place is more attractive in the rainy season due to all the pits filled with water and looks like an island. A lifetime memory could be made by clicking many beautiful photographs at Kishangarh the Dumping Yards.

How to reach Kishangarh Dumping yard

Getting to Kishangarh Dumping Yard is easy thanks to the well-developed rail, road, and air networks.

  • By Roads - Travel from any location in Rajasthan to Kishangarh  Dumping yard by bus, car, tempo traveler, or cab due to the well-connected road network. It is located in Rajasthan, 27 kilometers northeast of Ajmer along National Highway 8, 43 kilometers from Pushkar, and 90 kilometers from Jaipur along National Highway 48.
  • By Rails -  There are regular trains from Ajmer to Kishangarh which connect to other Indian cities. From the railway station, book a private taxi/cab for a journey to Kishangarh dumping yard.
  • By Airways - Kishangarh is easily accessible from every point in the country. There is a domestic airport in Kishangarh from where regular flights operate to other cities and destinations throughout India.

The dumping yard in Kishangarh is nearby - There are a few nearby places to explore around the dumping yard, including Ajmer and Pushkar.

  • Brahma Temple
  • The Pushkar Lake
  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah,
  • Ana Sagar Lake, 
  • Nasiyan Jain Temple, 
  • Sai Baba Temple.
  • Annual Pushkar Fair.
  • Phool Mahal Palace
  • Khoda Ganesh temple in Kishangarh 
  • Kishangarh Fort
  • Bani Thani Paintings at Kishangarh

Nearby Hotels at Marble Slurry city Kishangarh

There are a lot of beautiful places to stay in the area while visiting the Dumping Yard Kishangarh. Some of them are:-

  • Phool Mahal Palace 
  • GenX Kishangarh
  • Paradiso Resort
  • Ananta Resort 
  • Hallimax Resort 
  • Pratap Palace
  • Pushkar Bagh
  • Pushkar Resort

Things to remember before reaching the Dumping yard at Kishangarh

  • It's approximately 90 kilometers (approximately) from Jaipur, with two tolls.
  • Restaurants and hotels on the Midway.
  • The dumping yard has no shops, so it's best to bring some food and drinks.
  • Be careful not to enter the ponds.
  • Going by owned vehicle, Drive safely there at the dumping yard
  • Wear a mask during the visit to the dumping yard if you suffer from breathing problems.

Legal Conditions of Dumping yard Kishangarh

  • A Marble Association permit is required. 
  • Need to show a pass at the entrance to the dump yard
  • Permit drone and photo shoot at night with prior permission.
  • It is permissible to drive any light vehicle into the dumping yard.
  • A strict prohibition on alcohol inside the Kishangarh Dumping Yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the white color of the Kishangarh dumping yard?

Known as the White Rann of Kishangarh, the Kishangarh dumping yard is made of marble waste and is a great tourist attraction because marble slurry is dumped there.

A trip Kishangarh dumping yard is one of the most popular, amazing, and famous tourist attractions in Kishangarh.

It takes around 2.5 hours from Jaipur and 4 hours from Udaipur by car. Take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from the nearest railway station, Ajmer Junction. It takes about 35 minutes from the city center ( 14 km away ).

Near the capital of Rajasthan(Jaipur), it is located in Kishangarh


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