Eco Park Kolkata, Ticket Price, Timing, Address, Entry Fee 2023

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Eco Park Kolkata, Ticket Price, Timing, Address, Entry Fee 2023 Advertisement

Eco Park Kolkata

If you are fond of new tourist places and beautiful peace-loving places, you should never skip Eco Park Kolkata for sure. Kolkata is a place of joy with the biggest entertaining ambiance in its heart and comes with Eco Park. Locating in Newtown, this place has an overall area of 480 acres with vast lands, a perfect location for cozy outdoor family activities or friendship tours. Eco Park is also known as ‘Prakriti Tirtha’, simply the ‘pilgrimage of nature’ with a lot of amazing attractions of eco gardens, adventure activities, and more! 

Explore Eco Park Kolkata in this article before your trip there. 

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7 Wonders in Eco Park, Kolkata

Really? Yes. The great replicas of the seven worlds wonder you can see here. They have beautifully crafted the seven replicas of the seven wonders of the world. Whether you are looking for the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, or the Gaza Pyramids, all you can find here. 

So, if you do not have enough budget to see these seven wonders physically, you can encounter their replicas here with your full family, especially with kids and obviously snaps are free to upload on social media. So, get more snaps while visiting 7 Wonders in Eco Park to share more. 

Eco Park Kolkata Ticket Price

This is one of the vital things to know before visiting the Eco Park. So, what can be an entry fee to this outstanding tourist location? Any Guess? No one can guess it for sure, as the price is beyond what you're thinking. 

It is only 50 INR for adults and 20 INR for kids. Yes, readers, only 50 and 20 INR. When in 2023, the price of a chicken roll crosses 60 rupees, you can trip to Eco Park within a budget of a total of 120 or 150 rupees within your full family. So, the Eco Park Kolkata ticket price is not affordable but also within the budget of everyone. 

Eco Park Ticket Price
For Adults For Kids
50 INR / person  20 INR / per kid

You can get the option for booking your tickets online, or you can book your tickets after your reach. But booking an online ticket is better to skip the long lines of visitors as Eco Park is always full for its renowned name. 

Gardens at Eco Park Kolkata

Well, now it is needless to say that Eco Park has the most eco gardens throughout its area. A total of 7 outstanding gardens are there in Eco Park Kolkata to make you cheerful with a sense of peace. In the Butterfly Garden, you can find various species of butterflies and plants that can make you speechless with the feeling of ‘Wow’. Here, the atmosphere helps to survive the butterflies for a long. The Bamboo Graden has various bamboo plants with sizes in the stock and creates a cool aura in the place. You can find the Mask Garden here, where you can encounter various types of masks with colors and shapes. 

Apart from these popular three, you can have a Tea Garden, Sculpture Garden, Rose Garden, and Rabi Aranya for a beautiful natural refreshment. 

Places of Interest at Eco Tourism Park, Kolkata

Children’s Park

If you have small kids in your family, and you have little time to get engaged with them, the children’s park of Eco Park Kolkata will be the perfect place to cheer! This park has all those things that a kid likes the most. From sculptures to fountains and green areas to playgrounds, all can make your kid’s face smile within a while after visiting. 

Mini Zoo - A place for all

Within a lot of attractions, the mini zoo of Eco Park is very renowned and a place for every age. This zoo is named Hiranalya Mini Zoo and was formed in 2016. It has a collection of barking deer, turtles, and many more to watch. Like Kolkata Zoo, this mini zoo will soon welcome hippos, zebras, and giraffes with other creatures. 

You can experience a small replica of Kolkata’s big zoo here. An unavoidable place for those who have kids and old age people in their families. 

Urban Museum 

You can find a nice and innovative Urban Museum here that is filled with eye-catchy art and craft-work pieces of Durga Puja Pandals. These pieces are majorly from Kolkata’s history which is a theme made and collected beautifully for public display. This museum in Eco Park Kolkata is also a great sanctity of the Durga Puja festival. 

Artists Cottage

This is a place of artists known as artists' heaven. The architecture of this place can melodiously brief an artist's tastes and comfort. It is beside Flower Lake, just opposite the Adda Zone. 

Adda Zone

Big water bodies are present here to have a fresh feel of the day. Many visitors enjoy the place by sitting here, they chat with friends for a long time and enjoy the scenic beauty. 

Biswa Bangla Haat

This is a well-known place where you can buy fresh produce at a very reasonable price. From handicrafts to any art designs, all you can find here under one roof shows the different cultural heritage of West Bengal. 

Graffiti Walls

This is located on the south side of the Eco Park Kolkata. This wall is mainly the product of beautiful artworks of the great artisans Subha Prasanna and Jogen Chowdhury.

Lake Front Promenade

This is a place where you can get large coconut trees with a calming atmosphere. You can spend a long hour sitting under these trees. 

Things to Do at ECO Park Kolkata

Now, we have half completed our journey by visiting the place. It is time to know the best things to do in Eco Park with Eco Park Kolkata ticket price that includes: 

E-bike Rides: Experience the cool e-bike rides at just the cost of 150 INR per person in a time of ten-minute. 

Eco Cart Rides: Visitors can go for an eco cart ride at the cost of 100 INR per person where they can go from counter 1 to the Kid’s Park area. 

Gaming Zone: Those who are game crazy, can visit this zone. Per head 50 INR to shot and acumen. 

Cycling: Find cycling at the fee of 70 and 150 INR for kids and adults. Cycle for half an hour. 

Boating: To cover the 42 acres of water body you just need to spend 50 and 300 INR for kids and adults. Group boating can be more affordable. 

Zorbing: Play with the zorbing balls in the water park. 200 INR per person for 200 meters, unlimited for 30 minutes. 

Ice Skating: Explore the ice skating rink by just paying 150 INR per person at the eco-park Kolkata timing from the opening time. 

Archery: Archery is one of the best places to explore in Eco Park Kolkata. Five arrows at the cost of 70 INR only.

How to Reach ECO Park

  • By Air: You have to land at the Netaji Subhas International Airport at Dum Dum from anywhere in India. Eco Park Kolkata is about 10 KM from the airport zone. After landing, you can book a private cab like Ola, Uber, or yellow-taxi or a private bus service to reach your destination. 
  • By Train: You can reach Eco Park with the Sealdah train junction or you can reach Howrah if you come from Orissa or similar places and then you have to reach Eco Park with a private cab or bus service. 
  • By Road: You can get any private cab, taxi, tram, or bus service from anywhere nearby Kolkata or you can straight follow the highways to reach an eco-park Kolkata timing. 

Eco Park Kolkata from other Places

  • Howrah to Eco Park Distance: 6 km 
  • Haldia to Eco Park Distance: 62.6 km
  • Kharagpur to Eco Park Distance: 11.2 km
  • Durgapur to Eco Park Distance: 169 km
  • Mandarmani to Eco Park Distance: 121 km
  • Asansol to Eco Park Distance: 189.2 km
  • Jamshedpur to Eco Park Distance: 225.6 km
  • Delhi to Eco Park Distance: 1662 km
  • Chennai to Eco Park Distance: 1870 km


Eco Park Kolkata is no doubt a great place to visit and the best timing to visit here is Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Kolkata welcomes everyone to visit and brings great remembrance of enjoyment from here. So, don’t waste your weekend by spending time in your home and have a quick trip to Eco Park for a refreshment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eco Park famous for?

This is the biggest urban ecological park in India, spread over 480 acres of ground and 104 acres of water body. It has three popular lands: Eco land, grasslands, and urban forest area.

Only 50 rupees for adults and 20 rupees for Eco Park Kolkata ticket price for kids.

Yes, you can get frequent snacks and water inside the Eco Park Kolkata and a food court is also available for lunch.

It is a pure place of nature with many things to do like boating, archery, cycling, and more. So you can spend hours as per your choice.


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