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Margao is the second largest city in the Indian state of Goa. It is situated on the central coast of Goa, about 35 kilometres (22 mi) south of the state capital Panaji. Margao is also the headquarters of the South Goa district. The city is located on the Madalasa River, which flows into the Arabian Sea at Cabo de Rama, about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) to the south. Margao has been designated as a node on the North-South Corridor of India's National Highway network. The NH-17 (now renumbered as NH-66) passes through Margao, connecting it with Mumbai to the north and Mangalore to the south. The Konkan Railway line also passes through Margao, providing rail connectivity with Mumbai to the north and Mangalore to the south. The city is an important commercial centre in South Goa, with a number of shopping malls and markets. It is also home to a number of educational institutions, including the Goa Medical College, Dempo College of Arts & Commerce, Carmel College for Women, Don Bosco College and Damodar College. Margao is also a major tourist destination, with a number of hotels and resorts catering to both domestic and international tourists.
If you're relocating from Goa for any reason whatsoever, it's best to consult with one of the best packers and movers in Goa. Get professional moving supplies quotes and rates, through EaseMyshift. Easily get quotes on various services without having to worry and hassle-free.

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Best Movers and Packers Margao, Goa

When you plan to relocate to a new place, the first thing that comes to your mind is to pack and put everything in boxes. At the time of packing, you realize the demarcation between wanted and unwanted items. Then you have to decide what need to carry and what is not, You do not want to carry unnecessary things to a new place. Putting everything in Boxes is a difficult task, it increases the number of cartons to transport. And it will give a thought that where to start arranging them. Also, make you exhausted at the time of Unpacking and arranging them.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to hire a packers movers instead of doing all stressful tasks while relocating. Finding budget-friendly service providers who know the worth of money, time, and value of people. 

If you are living in Nagpur and planning to shift within Nagpur and outside of it. So your search end with EaseMyShift packers and movers Margao, Goa. we are secured, insured, equipped, licensed, and all variety of service providers in Nagpur. We know the all ins and outs, of every corner of Nagpur and provide moving solutions moreover 15+ years of experience. The best Packers And Movers In Nagpur provide home/ apartment relocation, Car/ bike transportation, and pets/plants relocation at affordable cost. Movers Packers in Margao, Goa is trained and skilled with a pleasant heart and mind. They have professional and experienced teams, who delicately serve the customers with quick, careful, and pleasant services all over Nagpur.

How EaseMyShift Packers and Movers work?

Pre-Move Survey

Pre-Move Survey

Discuss with movers for Shifting Process, Quotation, and Additional Services.



Trained performers prepared to disassemble the makeshift venue,load them onto the trucks.

Quality Packaging

Quality Packaging

Best Range of Poly & Paper based Packaging Products that are used in Shifting.

Careful Loading<

Careful Loading

Loading-Carefully and arrange the items on Moving Truck or Lorry to reach safely their destination.

Secure Transport

Secure Transport

All the item is moved to the required destination with safety and security

Keeping at Warehouse

Keeping at Warehouse

we are one stop storage providers to store your valuable possessions.

on time delivery

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery enable our users to experience a smooth relocation.


Careful Un-loading

Safely removing secured items during unloading at the final destination.

Services Offered by Packers and Movers in Margao, Goa

Home Shifting

Home Relocation Services in Margao, Goa

Relocating home to another place requires lots of money and time, That’s why people look affordable house shifting services from a reliable and trusted moving company. Professional packers and movers can help you to shift your belongings safely and smoothly thus, whenever you need to relocate in Margao, Goa.

Office Shifting

Office Relocation Services in Margao, Goa

The Office shifting services are known for careful loading of goods and escorted transportation services. EaseMyShift Packers and Movers are professional Office and commercial Movers of Margao, Goa. We have specialized experts with years of experience of handling office shifting that includes careful packing of office furniture, file cabinets, Ddocuments, computer & electronics equipments etc.

Bike Transportation

Bike Transportation in Margao, Goa

Relocating bike by yourself can lead to the considerable damage. EaseMyShift Bike transportation is the best bike shifting services in Margao, Goa in just first call without wasting your precious time. Our professional teams are active for a long time to serve the top class bike shifting services in Margao, Goa.

Car Transportation

Car Transportation in Margao, Goa

To hire professional car transporters in Margao, Goa is one of the challenging task. EaseMyShift is uniquely positioned to serve the growing needs of the automotive industry in Margao, Goa and anywhere in India. EaseMyShift car transportation services in Margao, Goa will consider everything from packing to loading, and unloading your car, Depending on the weight of the car , model or size of the car and the distance to be covered.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services in Margao, Goa

Storage is crucial to every company and you have too many things to keep and you need an extra room to store them. EaseMyShift Margao, Goa offers you warehousing and storage facility for all kinds of items. We guarantee you to keep your stuff safely and in controlled environment and maintaining of its good conditions as well.

Cheap and the Best Home Shifting Services in Margao, Goa

Estimated Costs/Charges of Movers and Packers from Margao, Goa

Everyone wants to have safe and damage-free shifting with pocket-friendly too. You must know the charges and rates of the hiring packers and movers for Margao, Goa relocation services. If you are willing to go to extra mile with your belongings conveniently. So, EaseMyShift packers and movers give the estimated cost of your shifting as we are professional, trained, and experienced packers and movers from Margao, Goa to Other city relocation services.

Type of Service Local Relocation (under 50 KM's) Long Distance Relocation (Under 1000 KM's)
1 BHK 3,000-10,000 5,000-27,000
2 BHK 5,000-15,000 6,000-36,000
3 or 3+ BHK 8,000-22,000 9,000-50,000
Some Items Only 2,000-6,000 3,000-20,000
The cost of hiring packers and movers from Nagpur can be slightly different on quality of service, distance, total belongings, packing materials, season & timing of moving, manpower, type & size of the truck, etc.


Approximate Charges of Packers and Movers within Margao, Goa Local

Details Pricing/ House Type 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK
Packing Material Charges Rs. 700-1,700 Rs. 900-2,500 Rs. 1,200-3,200
Labour Charges Rs. 600-1,400 Rs. 800-2,200 Rs. 1,000-2,800
Transportation Charges Rs. 2,300-5,400 Rs. 3,200-8,500 Rs. 4,000-11,000
Total Moving Cost Rs. 3,350-8,400 Rs. 4,600-12,600 Rs. 6,000-16,300


Domestic Moving Charges based on Distance from Margao, Goa

Moving Type/Distance Up to 350 KM 350-750 KM 750-1200 km 1200-1700 km 1700-2300 km
1 BHK 7,900-16,700 9,800- 18,600 11,600-19,500 14,000-22,330 16,300-25,000
2 BHK 11,600-21,400 13,500-24,200 15,800-27,000 17,700-30,700 20,500-34,400
3 BHK 13,900-25,100 16,300-28,800 18,600-32,550 21,400-35,300 23,250-39,100
4 BHK/Villa 15,800-27,400 17,700-30,700 20,800-34,400 23,300-36,600 25,000-40,900
Two Wheeler 2,00-3,900 2,600-5,000 3,200-6,100 4,100-8,900 5,100-10,000
Four Wheeler 3,700-6,000 5,100-8,400 5,800-9,500 7,000-12,300 8,400-13,400


What Factors affecting Charges - Movers and Packers Margao, Goa

The cost of loading and shifting from your region depends on many factors and is affected in many ways. Moving charges differs from place to place for moving home/office, corporate/industrial sector, and Car/Bike. There is a list of factors that affect all Intercity shifting costs/charges:

The cost-affecting factors include:-

  • Size of the Room (1, 2, 3 BHK) - The cost depends on the size of the rooms. A number of workers are required on the number of items and no of rooms. They need labourers for 1 BHK - 2 men, 2 BHK - 4 men, and 3 BHK - 6 men. They charge on an hourly basis.
  • Transit Distance (between the current and new location) - It depends on the relocation distance between the current and new location. as longer distance consumes more fuel in comparison to close distance. this is one of the factors for increasing the cost of Domestic relocation.
  • Number/Weight of moving goods - Cost affecting factors also depend on the number of household items, and the weight of the items you are Shifting. If you are moving more items, need a good amount of packaging materials (bubble wrap, brown paper, thermocol, Cora cloth, foam, top-quality corrugated rolls, plastics rolls, silica gels) to pack them. The quality of packaging materials also affects the cost of relocation.
  • Vehicle Size for a transport - A good quantity of Items requires a big-sized truck to load them. A bigger size truck will cost more in comparison to a small size truck, and higher the charge for it. 'Shared Truck’ is cost less but takes more time to reach your destination, However 'personally dedicated truck’ delivers the goods on time but charges will be high.
  • Moving Date - Season and timing of relocation also affect the charges of home/office shifting. Fees will be high during summer and peak seasons, weekends, month ends, or even the beginning of the month for relocation.
  • Additional services(insurance and warehousing) - If you are requesting additional services like unpacking, and arranging items at the new place, insurance of the delicate items and storage facilities will cost extra accordingly.

There are some suggested methods to save the above-mentioned factors on the Moving cost:

  1. Prioritize your household items.
  2. Do not carry unwanted Items.
  3. Use old newspapers to wrap the fragile items.
  4. Use carry bags to pack your clothes.
  5. Sale/donate old clothes/furniture which you do not want to carry.
  6. Carry fewer number cartons(use big size cartons instead of small size).

While relocation, the best packers and movers in Margao, Goa always understand the value of people and the worth of money in packing and loading.

Why do you choose EaseMyShift?

100 things come to your mind while shifting to an unknown place. Nagpur is a big and fastest-growing city in Maharashtra. Most people constantly move daily for searching a new opportunity in this city or outside of it. Finding a new home/ office in a new locality or shifting into or out of Nagpur, you can only trust the professional movers and packers, who meet your expectations at your required time.

It would be a wise decision to contact a moving solution provider for the local and domestic moves instead of doing alone, who can help you in handling your shifting task. Safe and smooth shifting need an intense plan and preparation. you will buy the best quality packaging material to pack all furniture, fragile items, home appliances or electronic items (AC, chimney, TV, Geyser, Refrigerator, etc), cupboard, sofa, and some other things. However, buying materials from the local market is a time-consuming task and it may damage the stuff and a chance of self-injury while packing.

So in this case, EaseMyShift the best packer and movers in Margao, Goa is the best choice to hire. We have well knowledge of the service provider’s industry, and also have responsible and well-experienced workers to complete your relocation journey from starting line to the finishing line. We use best-quality packaging materials such as cardboard/sturdy cartons, plastic wrap, foam rolls, packing peanuts, bubble wraps, and so on. We also use Modern techniques, high-tech equipment (panel movers, dollies, sliders, hand trucks), and trained managing teams for safely loading and unloading. We also suggest the truck size for loading according to the number of Items. We will assist you 24*7 and give you a quote instantly as you require. Get the quote right away!

Our Best-in-class services

Being a packer and movers in Margao, Goa, we have a range of services in our bucket. You can avail any of them to experience our service in your budget.

  • Home/Office relocation - Easemyshift is the best choice to relocate to Nagpur with all your homemaking stuff like chairs, tables, sofa, fridge, dining table, dressing table, TV, washing machine, and so on. We also pack your bedroom and kitchen items and all other daily need articles which you require at a new home/ Office. We also pack bed linen, blankets clothes, utensils, and kid's toys in strong cardboard cartons.
  • Car/Bike transportation - Timely and safely we deliver your automobile (car/bike) to your new address. We pick up your bike or car from your requested address and load it in the truck and transport them to Nagpur and nearby.
  • Warehousing In Margao, Goa - While relocating you decided, need not transport unnecessary items. So you can choose our warehousing services in your city to keep them with security. We pick all stuff from your house/office that you want to store in our storage, handle them with care and safety, and deliver them on the requested time.
  • Pets/Plants Relocation - we have a specialized team to take care of pets and plants when you are moving with your pet/plants.EaseMyshift pet relocation services in Margao, Goa provide pet relocation services in Margao, Goa with containers for your pets, sippers, bowls, and food, so that your pet faces absolutely no discomfort and has some extra space for plants while loading into the truck.

We promise you the best services in Margao, Goa and also accomplish all your requirement while shifting to a new place, we pick up all your family items from your current address, load, transport them, and deliver them to the new address. we deliver on time (except for any natural disaster) for saving your precious time and we offer affordable shifting services too.

What are the reasons behind choosing genuine movers and packers in Margao, Goa?

Some of the companies Code low rate quotes to the customer, choosing those service providers can be a big mistake in your decision for relocation. That service providers can be fraudulent and unprofessional to you, they attract you by offering lower rates or discounted rates to innocent people. And they will not only provide you poor quality of services and also less care about your goods.

There are some genuine reasons to choose the best moving service, and providers: 
Check genuinity by the Social network - most of the packers and movers offer less amount estimation to attract the people. You should check with friends and colleagues who have already availed of the facility by reputed packers and movers in Margao, Goa. you can search on the internet and social network site. By choosing the right providers you can save yourself from scams and fraud.
By checking the license or GST certificate - You should check the license/GST certificates of the service provider’s business, and ask for the contact number, registration details, office address, and website. and also check the ratings and reviews on their sites. Our services are rated and genuine customer reviews on our sites help you to choose us in the best way.
Services on loading and unloading - A trustworthy shifting provider always behaves professionally to their customers and is ready to work in Loading, unloading, packing, transporting, disassembly, and assembling to the final place of your choice at affordable prices. our team is Specialized in all range of services to from start to end the shifting move.
Check the availability prior to shifting date - You should check the availability on a call, once you decided on the date of your move and inform the provider prior. So they will prepare the checklist accordingly.
Best resources use by the company - Never forget to check the quality of the resources which are used by the company. We have our own high-quality packaging material (packing peanuts, foam roll, bubble wrap, cardboard cartons, sturdy cartons) and trucks to transport items with good drivers for a safe move. We will coordinate with you in every step while shifting to another place of your dream home/office.

Best in Team-Moving to a new place with all the required items is not a one-man task. we have a manageable team to provide you with stress-free relocation in all the tasks like packaging, loading, assembling, and unloading stuff. We know the process of loading fragile goods with appropriate materials to transport safely.

So we prefer you to choose Easemyshift packers and movers in Margao, Goa. You can identify us by giving us a chance to serve you in your relocation.  Click or Call on our registered number to share your details and requirements to get a quick cost estimate. The pre-move survey will be done by our experts to get the accurate cost according to the number of Goods for Shifting within a few hours.

Local House Shifting

What Our Clients Say

Such a good transportation I have never seen Nice response and day to day update My car has been arrived in such a safe manner No damage , Thank u. Ease My Shift thanks again

Phani Bhushan Sarkar

Employee - Indian Railways

My experience was great. Quick any easy service. Transportor got my car picked up and delivered on time and found a good price for me.

Vishal kumar

Area Manager, JIO

Common Questions about Packers and Movers in Margao, Goa

How much packers and movers in Margao, Goa will cost to pack and move your vehicle from one location to another?

The Cost will depend on the distance of the transportation, the number of items or cars being moved, and also your demand for insurance during transportation. The season and timing of relocation matter a lot, They also ask for higher fees during summer and peak seasons. Hence, you must avoid weekends, month ends, or even month beginnings for relocation.

It all depends on you, when and where need to shift. If it is a local transfer within the same city, you should start looking for them at least 4-8 days in advance. Moreover, you need to search for movers and packers 3-4 weeks before moving out of the city. If the move date should be the end of the month, the search should also be started earlier.

The quantity and type of goods you want to transport are the main factors that affect the cost of relocation from one place to another. If the number of items or projects can be reduced by sorting out, then costs can be reduced.

From start to finish the task, all processes will be properly handled trained team members. It includes the sorting of sundries, packaging, loading and unloading everything, until the final placement of the items. When the family relocation outside the city is involved, the cost of unpacking and other services is not included. However, the inclusion is on-demand which could be the pocket friendly.

The time required for packaging and loading depends on the number of items to be transported within the city and out of the city. However, it usually takes about 5-6 hours to pack and load things.

During the Shifting, you don’t have to worry too much. However, you will have to provide various documents at the time of relocation to the shift manager. It is recommended that you have an in-depth discussion with our on-site personnel.

Professional packers and movers charge approximately Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000 for local shifting and Rs 10,000 to Rs 70,000 for domestic or intercity relocation is just a figure, depends on the number of items.

GST rate applicable on packers and movers will be 18% for complete relocation services that include packing, loading, unloading, transportation and insurance. If you use only transport (logistic) service of packers and movers then GST rate will be applied at the rate of 5% only.

It is approx. 3% with taxes by packers and movers for shifting of The cost of moving insurance.

Yes. Our most valuable service is door-to-door shifting service. This means they will pack your belongings at your door, load them onto the truck, offload the truck after reaching the destination, and unpack everything at your new place. They may also help to rearrange your belongings.

Professional packers and movers will make the process a whole lot easier with their services. Usually, they provide packing and moving solutions for a complete house or office shifting service includes a series of services, such as packing, furniture dismantling & assembly, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking.

A few services are-

  1. Household shifting
  2. Warehousing & storage
  3. Office shifting or corporate relocation
  4. Commercial & industrial goods shifting
  5. Bike shifting from one city to another
  6. Car carrier & transportation from one city to another
  7. Domestic relocation services
  8. Local shifting services

Packers and movers will pack your belonging using good quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes. If your shifting is scheduled in the rainy season then they will provide a waterproof packing service with extra care.

Packers and movers to analyze the shifting circumstances and prepared the list of items that need to be shifted by a pre-move survey.Pre-move survey also helps in giving you the most accurate price estimate.

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