9 Questions come up in mind while hiring a Movers and Packers

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9 Questions come up in mind while hiring a Movers and Packers Advertisement

Many new shifting companies get started every year in India. If your choice ends up with such companies, who have less knowledge about relocation services, You may be getting in trouble or maybe they scam you.

If you have an idea to shift interstate and are planning soon to move or are confused about reliable movers and packers. I am sure that many things come to your mind including the costs of moving, packaging material, transport, and the safety of goods. Or maybe some other issues while shifting.

Questions need to ask for packers and movers

Asking questions to the moving organizations while making the contract is the ideal approach before hiring them. Moreover, by questioning these moving solution providers, you can justify yourself with their answers. A good relocation provider always answers your queries. Good to ask before getting in any trouble!

1: Does the company have a permanent business address?

Do you have a commercial address in our city? Are you located near our residence with a permanent address? These are the preferable questions, which you should ask your solution providers. So you will not fall into some kind of circumstance where you will not find an administration Officer. Always check the whereabouts and office location of the company, before hiring them. It is for your future reference if there are any issues occurred.

2: Are you a license-holder company?

The license/GST certificate holder service providers have more experience than other companies, Always ask them about their contact number, address, registration details, and website of the company. All these details will help you to choose the best one in the best way. You should also check their company Ids and driver's licenses etc.

3. Are you doing on subcontracting basis work or doing by own?

There are some companies in India doing the service on a contract/subcontract basis. If any organization is working on a subcontract basis, and you're not willing to go with that organization, directly say No to them. I would prefer Easemyshift the best packers and movers is the direct service provider, and no subcontractors are linked.

4. Does the company provide commitments in writing?

A branded company will definitely acknowledge written commitment and suggest you too on paper. Proactively you should ask for the services that they are offering you, and they will be on paper. If any service provider denies or delays doing the paperwork, do not go with them. And commitments on a written paper will help you at the time of claim.

5. How many years do you have experience in the moving service industry?

The experience of the company does matter. The establishment date is different from the actual experience date, So make sure that you are calculating the right way of the company's experience.

6. What are your payment terms and condition? What is the payment mode?

Payment terms and conditions vary from company to company. Do you have acceptable payment terms and conditions or not? This is one of the basic fundamentals of any company, which makes them different from other organizations. They provide various payment options to pay. They accept credit/debit cards, cash, mobile wallets, and other modes of payment at your convenience.

7. What kind of packing materials do you use?

The best packers and movers company uses the best packaging materials for packing goods. They have sturdy crates, bubble wraps, corrugated rolls, cardboard cartons, and foam rolls for packing furniture. For delicate items, they use plastic wrap, silica gels, corrugated rolls, brown paper, Cora cloths, used cloths, and so on packing materials. Some organizations provide customized packing facilities too for saving money.

8. Can you offer a storage/warehouse facility?

You need a safe place to keep your household goods when you finalize your destination, or you did not get your possession and transport truck to reach your final destination. That time you need a storage facility. Always ask if your moving company, is there storage/ warehouse facility included in your services or not. People can avail of short and long-term storage Facilities from various companies. Always choose a warehouse that is pest-free and secure from rats and squirrels.

Some of the Facilities in Storage (warehouse) providers have:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Security (24*7)
  • Pest Control for insect protection
  • Dust cleaning by Vacuum
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • Fire-Extinguisher availability

9. Are you providing PAN India Service?

Some of the organizations provide PAN India services. We provide services for packers and movers in Nagpur, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.

Before finalizing your shifting move, you should ask the above questions about your service providers. I hope the above-mentioned questions, will help you to choose the right company. The organization that appropriately answers your tricky question should be hired.

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