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Adventure Island Rohini - Let’s Raise Your Adrenaline

Introduction of Adventure Island Rohini

Adventure Island Rohini is one of the famous amusement parks in Delhi. This adventure park is embraced with many fun rides, amazing activities, and thrilling water sports for people of all ages. Whether you want to spend memorable moments with kids or friends, adventure island, Delhi, is perfect. Spread over around 250,000 square meters

This island is connected by an artificial lake and a specially designed open marketplace-style mall. The marketplace-style mall, known as Metro Walk, houses many lifestyle brands. With ample rides and attractions, the place engages you in endless activities.

About Adventure Island Rohini

Adventure Island Rohini is a theme-based amusement park for people of all ages. The park offers unlimited thrilling rides, family-friendly parks, water coasters, a jungle maze, boats & rides, and many more.  Besides entertainment rides, this place has small gaming zones, food courts, a shopping complex, and more. 

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Adventure Island Rohini has been spread over 62 acres of land and comprises around 26 amusement rides and paid attractions. There is an artificial lake that separates amusement parks from mall buildings. At the lake, visitors can enjoy boating rides for a wonderful experience. 

How to Reach Adventure Island and Location

Adventure Island is just a few minutes drive away from National Highway that connects Delhi to Chandigarh. The park is located in Rohini, Delhi. Visitors can reach this adventure island Rohini via bus, metro, and road. 

  • By Bus: Visitors can take a bus fare to reach adventure island Delhi via national highway.
  • By Metro: Visitors can also reach Adventure Island via metro station Rithala. This is 12 minutes walkway from the bus stand. 
  • By Road: Visitors can also take a rickshaw and auto to reach Adventure Island Delhi, easily available on roads. 
  • By Air: Visitors from faraway places can also fly to Indira Gandhi Airport. The airport is 30 km away from adventure island. Visitors can book a taxi or car to reach adventure island from the airport.

Adventure Island Delhi Timings

The adventure island Rohini remains open for visitors throughout the weekend. The visiting hours start from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. During peak season, the timing of entry and exit may change. Also, depending on weather conditions, the timing of entry and exit will change by the official reserve.
The opening time of the adjoining Metro Walk is separate and may clash with the theme park's time. The Metro Walks generally open at 11:00 am. But the retail show will be closed by 9 pm. The eateries in the mall remain open until 10:45 pm.

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price 

Adventure Island Delhi offers multiple entry tickets. The unlimited ticket starts at INR 550 during weekdays. On gazette holidays and weekends, the price of the unlimited ticket will be INR 600. The unlimited ticket gives you access to all the attractions and rides countless times without any limitations. However, you may still need to pay for some other paid attractions.

The adventure island Delhi also extends its different offers for online and offline bookings. But you can leverage the Happy Tuesday offer that lets you get an unlimited ticket with only INR 399. However, if you don't know which ride to enjoy, get their entry-only ticket at INR 300. You may have to pay INR 100 for a one-time enjoyment ride.

If you want to save more, get the Midnight Jackpot offer that applies for online booking between 11:00 pm to 2:00 am. The first hundred tickets will benefit from a flat 50% off on all tickets. You can book an Adventure Island Delhi ticket at midnight for six people at one time. Here are some more details about Adventure Island Delhi entry fee.

  • 350 per person for Senior Citizens (Weekdays)
  • 350 per person for Senior Citizens (Weekend)
  • 550 per person for Children (Weekdays)
  • 550 per person for Adults (Weekdays)
  • 600 per person for Children (Weekend)
  • 600 per person for Adults (Weekend)

Entertainment Rides for All Age Groups

More than 20 rides and paid attractions are available at Adventure Island, Rohini. This amusement park has rides for all age groups, including kids, families, and water rides. Moreover, you can also enjoy paid attractions and artificial lakes available here. Some of the best rides are as follows: 

Adult Rides

  • Z-Force: This ride takes you in an upward direction against gravitational force. The ride will reach the top and stop for a bird's eye view; after that, it immediately hits freefall on the ground. You will feel stomach churns and the shouting sounds of everyone on the ride.
  • Sky Riders: It is like a driving experience into the sky and supports 24 rides maximum at one time. The guests sit in hanging cars attached to a giant wheel's spokes. As the journey progresses, the automobiles are rotated at various angles, giving the sense that you are flying. Only riders who are 105 cm or taller are allowed on this route.
  • Side Winder: This is generally a giant size wheel. It spins off rigorously as the rod yokes go up and down. It gives you endless emotions and butterflies in the stomach. However, individuals must be at least 134 cm tall to enjoy the ride. 
  • Lightning Bolt: The ride is ideal for individuals above 130 cm in height. It generally looks similar to a spider with different legs. You will sit on the lockable seat, and the disc will rotate on its axis. This gives you a bundle of joy and shivers in the spine. 
  • Climbing Wall: At this fake rock climbing setting up, you can assess your muscular strength if you're at least 4 feet tall and weigh around 30 kg and 100 kg. You won't need to worry about falling because a rope a pulley holds will regulate your descent, and you'll be tethered.
  • Space Jump: The ride mimics our solar system having a sun-like giant ball inside the center. The double seats are connected with heavy rocks where the riders can sit securely in their positions. The space jump allows you to turn around the sun. 
  • Splash Down: This water coaster for adults accommodates up to 4 persons per splash down. A rollercoaster-style ride with seats for you eventually crashes downwards into a man-made river course from a height, dousing you in water until you are completely soaked. To take advantage of the Splash Down, you must be a minimum of 134 cm tall.

Kids Rides

Some of the best kid's rides that you can enjoy here are as follows: 

  • Cyclone: It looks similar to the Carousel from the outside. But the exception is it can accommodate 32 kids at one time. Kids have to be 90 cm tall maximum to enjoy rides.
  • Wave Rocker: This ride is for people of all age groups. Within rocking tug, nearly 24 people can swing together. 
  • Kids Bumper Cars: This is only for kids 90-134 cm tall. It's a kid's version of the bumper car. This can be the coolest way to let your kids drive a car.
  • Air Pogo: This is suitable for kids. Air Pogo lets kids know how the pilot flies planes. One plane can accommodate 4 kids at one time. 
  • Bungee Trampoline: The trampoline can handle kids weighing 20 to 50 kg. There are no specific height criteria. It is safe for the kids.
  • Fire Brigade: This is a fire truck where 24 kids can sit together. This would be a fun ride for the kids as they learn how actual fire trucks extinguish fire. But kids should have a minimum of 80 cm height to enjoy this ride.
  • Tiny Tv Transit: This is a toy train with an engine. It can carry around 76 kids at one time. There is no limit to the height of the kids. They can enjoy a wonderful train journey and a round of complete amusement parks.
  • Splash Dunk: This is a kid's version water ride that can accommodate a maximum of 4 kids inside the boat. This boat will take kids on an amusement ride on a rollercoaster. The splashing water fills kids with joy. However, kids have to be 90 cm tall minimum to enjoy this boat ride.
  • Bush Buggies: A ride on a bush buggies let you explore the majestic beauty of the amusement park. There is no restriction on height, and 4 passengers can ride at one time.

Water Rides

If you are fond of water riders, here are some popular rides you can enjoy with kids.

  • Aqua Bump: It's a spacious swimming pool where kids can enjoy rain dancing with their families. However, kids must be at least 4 feet tall to enter the swimming pool.
  • SHA LA LA: The pool is on the name of the famous song "My Heart Goes SHA LA LA." Here people can enjoy music and rain dance at the same time. 
  • Amazon Mist Forest: Here, you can get an opportunity to meet your favorite cartoon character, such as Dexter. Parents and kids can both enjoy this beautiful ride.
  • Swan Boat: The Swan Boat is massive in the form of a swan that may be maneuvered using pedals over the man-made lake known as the "Lagoon." Everyone is given a life jacket, regardless of whether they can swim. To participate in this boating, everyone involved must be 134 cm tall or taller.
  • H2O: This is a water ride with numerous slides and hurdles. It passes through several showers that spill water in different directions. 
  • Splash Pool: This would be an excellent place to enjoy with families and friends. It offers umbrellas and canopies with showers at the edges.

Several Other Paid Attractions in Adventure Island Rohini

Some other paid attractions that are available in Adventure Island Rohini are as follows:

  • Carousal 

This is only open for kids between the ages of 4-12. The carousal refers to the alluring fete-style attractions. Here several wildlife creatures revolve in the central axis. Kids can enjoy these carnival theme-based rides. The Carousel can accommodate a maximum of 21 kids at one time. Aqua bumps and Swan boats are other paid attractions in adventure island Rohini.

  • Click Art Museum

The museum is another eye-dwelling place to visit on this adventure island of Rohini. The museum will open at 1:30 pm and close at 10:00 pm. Kids can explore here art-gallery and vibrant paintings in the museum. 

Things to Know While Visiting Adventure Island Rohini

You may need additional information to make the most joyful journey at adventure island Rohini.

  • College and school student groups have special discounts and timings. For them, adventure island Rohini provides specially designed packages that may include water rides, unlimited international rides (MAD: Music, Acrobatics, and Dance), rain dance, teacher lounge, circus, live Dj, and more. Moreover, you can also enjoy dining facilities.
  • If you're visiting with 30+ guests, the green lawns of Adventure Island Rohini can be booked for special occasions such as annual day functions, teacher's day functions, marriage parties, birthday parties, kitty parties, and more.
  • Corporate bookings can be undertaken for team building, family day outings, promotional events, and outings of clients. The adventure island also arranges music, emcee, and coordinators for numerous team-building activities. 
  • Special arrangements and surprises are organized for the kid's birthday parties. Special and return gifts will be arranged for all guests, including kids; unlimited entertainment activities, cartoon characters, magic shows, games, and puppet shows will be organized.
  • Spacious walled styles parking areas are available that are guarded by highly trained personnel. The parking lawn is spread over 3 acres of land and can accommodate around 1000 two-wheelers and 1500 cars. 
  • Since all the costumes cannot be rented and bought at Adventure Island Delhi, bringing your clothes and towels is advised, especially if you're planning to enjoy water rides.
  • No lockers are available at the theme park to store luggage or valuables. They request that you bring only the bare necessities and refrain from carrying pricey gadgets or other valuables. Also, luggage is not permitted on the rides, and the person who owns them is responsible for looking after his personal belongings.
  • Kids of short height or under 90 cm get free entry into the adventure island. There are numerous rides available that kids of short height can enjoy.
  • Special wheelchair facilities are available for physically challenged and senior citizen guests. These wheelchairs are available on Metro Walk.

Adventurous Island Rohini FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit this adventure island?

A. May, June, and July are the best time to enjoy all kinds of rides in Adventure Island.

Q. Do we get towels in Adventure Island after the water ride?

A. No, you don't get any rent towels here. You can bring your towels or can borrow them from the hotel.

Q. Do we get rides for kids and family members together?

A. Family-friendly rides are available where; you can enjoy them with your kids without fear.

Q. Is there any mall nearby adventure island Rohini?

A. City center mall and Metro Walk Mall are close to the adventure island. 

Q. Which is the nearest metro station near Adventure Island?

A. Rithala is the nearest metro station. This is situated at 12 m walking distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to visit this adventure island?

A. May, June and July are the best time to enjoy all kinds of rides in Adventure Island.

A. No, you don't get any rent towels here. You can bring your towels or can borrow them from the hotel.

A. Family-friendly rides are available where; you can enjoy them with your kids without fear.

A. City center mall and Metro Walk Mall are close to the adventure island.

A. Rithala is the nearest metro station. This is situated at 12 m walking distance.


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