Hyderabad Metro Route Map, Timings, Fare, Lines & Stations

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Overview of Hyderabad Metro

The largest metro rail network is located in Hyderabad India, the capital of Telangana (Tamil Nadu). Most of the Indians live in cities like Hyderabad, which has an ever-increasing population as it is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities. In 2003, Hyderabad and its twin city, Secunderabad, created the Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS), which serves as a commuter train between them.

Here we will get to know all about the Hyderabad metro lines, the Hyderabad metro map, and the Hyderabad metro schedule.

Quick Info or Guide on Hyderabad Metro

  • The company is owned by Larsen & Toubro and the Government of Telangana
  • Only serving Hyderabad
  • Three lines
  • Metro Bhavan, Begumpet, is the headquarters
  • The company began operations in 2017
  • Timings: 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
  • The fare ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 60 

There is a need for an urban metro system due to the deterioration of the urban metro system. In 2003, the Modal System entered its second stage, system planning. The Hyderabad Metro system was praised as an ambitious system that grew into one of the most comprehensive in the world. While the test trains were scheduled to open in 2015, they began running in 2014, with the first phase opening on November 29, 2017.

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The Hyderabad Metro is a citywide Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS). July 2014 was the first trial run for Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) on the eight-kilometre viaduct between Nagole and Mettuguda. The construction of the building was completed in December 2017. Three elevated corridors of standard gauge track, 64 stops, and three depots were part of this 72-km metro rail line.

Hyderabad Metro Map/Rail Lines

There are now three interchange stations connecting three different lines of the Hyderabad Metro Rail.

The Red Line - It connects Miyapur with LB Nagar via the MG Bus Station, Nampally, and Amerpet. And there are 27 stations between Miyapur and LB Nagar in Hyderabad Metro's Red Line, which runs 29 kilometres between the northwest and southeast of the city.Approximately every four to ten minutes, the train stops, travels at a top speed of 80 km/h, and has three carriages.

The green line - It connects JBS Parade Ground with MG Bus Station via Secunderabad. There are nine stops on the Hyderabad Metro Green Line, operated by Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR). This route is now open to passengers from the end of 2019 and There were plans for a route between JBS and MGBS of 9.66 km and one between MGBS and Falaknuma of 5.36 km.

The Blue Line - It connects Nagole with Raidurg via Secunderabad and Ameerpet. It is located east of all active metro stations, the Blue Line of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) which consists of 23 stops.

Metro Lines Length of Metro Line No. of Stations Start Point End Point
Red Line 29 27 Miyapur LB Nagar
Blue Line 27 23 Raidurg Nagole
Green Line 16.6 15 (active 9) JBS Parade Ground MG Bus Station

In-Progress projects -

There are the below mentioned In-Progress projects:

There are currently new lines being built to expand the Hyderabad Metro Rail system. The following projects are currently under construction:

A purple line indicates: There is an East-West corridor, Corridor 2, under construction on the Purple Line. In addition to connecting BHEL, Narsapur, Khairatabad, and Kothapet, the line will cover approximately 15 kilometres.

The pink line indicates: Construction is currently underway on the Pink Line, also known as the Nagole-Shilparamam Line. The project will stretch approximately 30 kilometres from Nagole to Shilparamam. It will connect Hitec City, Raidurg, and Gachibowli with 29 stations.

Interchange Stations for the Hyderabad Metro Lines

Hyderabad Metro has three interchange stations: It would serve passengers travelling on both the Red Line and the Blue Line at Ameerpet Metro Train Interchange Station. It would facilitate the transfer from the Green Line to the Blue Line at Parade Grounds Metro Train Interchange Station. It is the Interchange Station for passengers travelling on the Red Line and Green Line of the Metro.

Hyderabad Metro Map

There is a rapid transport system covering Hyderabad called the Hyderabad Metro. The route map of the Hyderabad Metro is shown below in detail:

hyderabad metro map

Hyderabad Metro Map - Red Line

The Red Line is one of the metro rail lines in Hyderabad that is part of the Hyderabad Metro, a rapid transit system. All metro stations in Hyderabad are connected to it by Hyderabad Metro Rail.

  • This line runs from Miyapur to LB Nagar and covers 29.21 kilometres.
  • Additionally, there are two interchange stations along the Red Line.

Hyderabad Metro Map - Blue Line

Hyderabad Metro Rail operates the Blue Line between all active metro stations.

  • The Hyderabad Metro Blue Line has two interchange stations and there are 23 stops on this line, which runs from Nagole to Raidurg.

Hyderabad Metro Map - Green Line

There are 15 stations on the Green Line, which runs from JBS Parade Ground to MG Bus Station. As part of the Hyderabad Metro Red Line, it is a public-private partnership.

  • A total of 16.6 kilometres are covered by the Green Line of the Hyderabad Metro, which also includes two interchange stations.

List of Hyderabad Metro Stations

Miyapur Nagole JBS Parade Ground
JNTU College Uppal Secunderabad West
KPHB Colony Stadium Gandhi Hospital
Kukatpally NGRI Musheerabad
Balanagar Habsiguda RTC Cross Roads
Moosapet Tarnaka Chikkadpally
Bharatnagar Mettuguda Narayanguda
Erragadda Secunderabad East Sultan Bazaar
ESI Hospital JBS Parade Ground MG Bus Station
SR Nagar Paradise  
Ameerpet Rasoolpura  
Punjagutta Prakash Nagar  
Errum Manzil Begumpet  
Khairatabad Ameerpet  
Lakdi Ka Pul Madhura Nagar  
Assembly Yousufguda  
Nampally Jubilee Hills Road No 5  
Gandhi Bhavan Jubilee Hills Check Post  
Osmania Medical College Peddamma Temple  
MG Bus Station Madhapur  
Malakpet Durgam Cheruvu  
New Market Hitec City  
Musarambagh Raidurg  
Victoria Memorial    
LB Nagar    

Hyderabad Metro Fare

Metro fares in Hyderabad are determined by the distance travelled by the user and the type of ticket purchased. Here is a list of fares on the bases of Station:-

  • Tokens are used for single journeys, while smartcards are used for multiple journeys.
  • Tokens and smart cards are available for INR 20 each, with a seasonal discount of 10%.
  • Metro smart cards can be recharged in multiples of 50.
  • Red, Blue, and Green lines on the Hyderabad metro system have a minimum fare of INR 10.
  • The maximum Hyderabad metro fare is Rs 60 for the Red and Blue Lines.
  • The maximum Hyderabad metro fare is Rs 35 for the Green Line.
  • The Red Line costs Rs 15, Rs 40, and Rs 60 to travel from Miyapur to JNTU College, ES Hospital Metro Station, and L.B. Nagar.
  • The Blue Line will cost Rs 15 from Nagole to Stadium Metro Station, Rs 45 from Ameerpet Metro Station, and Rs 60 from Raidurg Metro Station.
  • There is a metro station at RTC Cross Roads Metro Station for INR 15 and Secunderabad West Metro Station for INR 10.

Hyderabad Metro Timings

All terminal stations are served by Hyderabad Metro Rail. The Hyderabad Metro Rail runs from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, with the first train departing at 6:00 am and the last train departing at 11:00 pm. There are now three interchange stations connecting three different lines for Hyderabad Metro Rail.

  • The Red Line:- Links Miyapur and L B Nagar via Nampally and Ameerpet via MG Bus Station.
  • The Green Line:- Connects JBS Parade Ground with MG Bus Station via Secunderabad.
  • The Blue Line:- Connects Nagole and Raidurg via Secunderabad and Ameerpet interchange stations

Point to Remember on Hyderabad Metro timings

  • Red Line and Green Line are connected by MG Bus Station
  • Blue Line and Green Line are connected by JBS Parade Ground
  • Red Line and Blue Line are connected at Ameerpet Station
  • The metro runs every 7 minutes during peak hours. On the other hand, it runs every 8 minutes during off-peak hours.
  • It takes 52 minutes for the Red Line metro train to travel the entire 28 kilometre route between Miyapur and L.B. Nagar.
  • It takes 53 minutes for the Blue Line to cover the 26.8 kilometre  route between Nagole and Raidurg.
  • It takes 16 minutes for the Green Line to cover the 7.7 km route between JBS Parade Ground and Sultan Bazar.
  • It takes 3 minutes to reach JNTU College from Miyapur on the Red Line.
  • ES Hospital Metro Station is 19 minutes away, and L.B. Nagar is 52 minutes away.
  • Stadium Metro Station is 4 minutes away from Nagole on the Blue Line,
  • It takes 29 minutes to get to Ameerpet Metro Station and 53 minutes to get to Raidurg Metro Station.
  • On the Green Line, JBS Parade Ground Metro Station is 2 minutes from Secunderabad West Metro Station.
  • It takes 10 minutes to get to RTC Cross Roads Metro Station and 16 minutes to get to Sultan Bazaar.

India's 1st Metro Rail - Kolkata Metro

Facilities at the Hyderabad Metro Station

It is the first metro in the country to offer passengers 'in-flight' entertainment, which includes movies, games, and music downloads.

  • Charge points are available in the metro
  • The stations are user-friendly with lifts
  • Stairwells
  • Disabled-access facilities 
  • An automatic ticket vending machine at the station
  • A system for collecting fares
  • Convenient access for passengers 
  • Stations provide amenities such as toilets and telephones

Tickets for the Hyderabad Metro 

  • Hyderabad metro stations accept contactless smart cards (CSC) and contactless smart tokens (CST).
  • Hyderabad stations use non-contact tokens as a form of pre-paid fare media.
  • Tokens can be purchased for one-way or return trips.
  • Non-frequent riders will find it to be a better payment method.
  • Smart Cards are stored value cards available as monetary (e-Purse), non-monetary (Pass), or a combination of both, with a variety of features to attract regular users.
  • An amount equal to the fare between two stations is withdrawn from the stored value at the departure gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number of metro lines in Hyderabad Metro?

Hyderabad Metro has three subway lines, Red, Blue, and Green.

Hyderabad Metro Blue Line has 23 stations between Nagole and Raidurg.

LB Nagar to Miyapur is served by 27 metro stations on Hyderabad Metro Red Line.

The Hyderabad Metro Green Line consists of 9 metro stations from JBS Parade Ground to MG Bus Station.

The Hyderabad metro system is currently operational from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day, including weekends and holidays.

Some certain routes or stations are temporarily closed or under maintenance for the safety and comfort of our passengers. Metro staff at each station will also have information on any temporary closures or changes in routes.

For the safety and cleanliness of the trains, not allowed any food or beverages to be consumed on board. However, bring small snacks or water bottles as long as they are properly sealed while travelling. Explosives, flammable materials, sharp objects, gun

Hyderabad Metro strictly prohibits the consumption of liquor on board the trains and within the premises of our stations.

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) located at every Hyderabad metro station, Simply follow the Vending Machines screen instructions and within a few clicks, you can check your balance and even top-up if needed.

The starting price for a metro ride in Hyderabad is Rs. 10 for a single journey ticket.

There are daily, weekly, and monthly passes available at discounted rates for frequent passengers.

The Hyderabad metro was built through a combined effort of the Government of Telangana, the Government of India, and L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited.The Hyderabad metro was built through a combined effort of the Government of Telangana, the Government

The project was initiated in 2008, with the aim to provide an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for the people of Hyderabad.

It took nearly 10 years for the construction to be completed

Hyderabad metro Red Line holds the record for being the longest, with 27 stations and a span of 29 km

The Purple Line of Hyderabad Metro, which runs from Miyapur to LB Nagar, is the fastest line to travel from one end to the other.

Green Line has a distance of 16 km and nine stations, making it the shortest metro line in Hyderabad.

The blue line of the Hyderabad metro, which runs from Nagole to Raidurg, currently holds the record for being the fastest metro line in the city.


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