Indore Metro: Route Map, Timings, Fare, and Latest Updates

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Latest News On Indore Metro

'Indore Metro Train' to undergo main trial run on Sep 30, 2023, flag-off ceremony to take place soon.

September 2023: The Indore Metro trial run is likely to take place in the last week of September 2023. At the Gandhinagar depot, three metro coaches have been assembled and are ready for trial run.

On the 'Super Priority Corridor,' which covers a distance of 5.8 km with five stations, the train, comprising three coaches, was tested. During the pre-testing trials, the train operated at a speed of 3 to 4 kilometres per hour.

September 30 has been identified as a potential date for trial runs of Indore metro by senior officials. But, It will depend on the availability of the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh when the flag-off ceremony takes place.

About Indore

The Indore Metro route is a four-line Mass Rapid Transit System built to serve the largest city Indore in the state MP.

The city of Indore is located on the Malwa Plateau and covers an area of 214 square kilometres. As the most populous city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Indore is classified as a 2-tier city. The city of Indore is noteworthy for its stately palaces and bustling markets. In addition to its mouth-watering gastronomic experience, it is the state's business hub. Among the 20 smart cities built so far, it is one of the first.

Among the top tourist destinations in India, Indore boasts a spectacular landscape, historical sites, and many other beautiful attractions.

It is no secret that Indore's population is growing, just like the rest of India. The city has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws, but is not sufficient to meet the city's growing needs. Due to the growth of the population, Indore City has more private cars.

With the Indore Metro, people who come from other cities/states of India for their official work, business, or simply for pleasure will be able to complete tasks faster and you won't get stuck in traffic.

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Indore Metro

Indore Metro to run on a 'third-rail' system. It is the first metro system in India to use the 'third-rail' system for power supply. In comparison to other metro systems (overhead catenary system) in India, this system is more efficient and safer.

A high-quality music system for the announcements on the Indore Metro, along with cabin lights. The Indore Metro will be equipped with upscale facilities and accessible to passengers with disabilities.

System Specifications of Indore Metro

Top Speed 80 kmph
Average Speed 34 kmph
Track Gauge Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
Electrification 750 V DC Third Rail
Signalling Communications-based Train Control (CBTC)

Indore Metro Line

The Indore metro route consists of four corridors that connect to many places for commuters. At present, only line-3 (yellow line) is operational; the rest are yet in the planning stage. The all 4 planned corridor lines are as follows:

  • Operational Lines - Line 3 (YELLOW LINE)
  • Proposed Lines - Line 1A, Line 1B, Line 2, Line 4

In Brief: 

Line-1A: Sri Aurobindo Hospital – Collectorate office – Indore Bypass 1
Line-1B: Sri Aurobindo Hospital – Collectorate office – Regional Park (1B)
Line-2: Dewas Naka – Juni Indore – MHOW
Line 3: Yellow Line (Bhawarsala Square - Super Corridor 1)
Line-4: MR9 – Indore Railway Station – Indore Bypass 4

Indore Metro Phase 1 Lines (Operational)

The only line currently in operation is line 3, which is referred to as the Yellow Line. 

  • There are 30 stations in total
  • It’s 33.53 km long corridor forming a ring around the city, connecting Palasia – Railway Station – Rajwada – Airport – Bhawarsala via 30 stations. 
  • From Kothari Market to the Airport, 6 stations will be underground; the remaining 24 stations will be above ground.

The list of Line - 1 metro stations which are in operation on the Indore Metro route is as follows:

Bhawarsala Square Mumtaj Bag Colony 2 Kalani Nagar
MR 10 Road Bengali Square BSF
ISBT / MR 10 Flyover Patrakar Colony Airport
Chandragupta Square Palasia Square Gandhi Nagar Nanod
Hira Nagar High Court / Hotel Residency Super Corridor 6
Bapat Square Indore Railway Station Super Corridor 5
Meghdoot Garden Rajwada Palace Super Corridor 4
Vijay Nagar Square Maulana Azad Marg Super Corridor 3
Radisson Square Bada Ganpati Super Corridor 2
Mumtaj Bag Colony 1 Ramchandra Nagar Square Super Corridor 1

Indore Metro Phase -1 Map

Proposed Lines of Indore Metro Rail

Indore Metro Line-1A: 

  • There are a total of 18 Metro stations in Line 1A
  • Sri Aurobindo Hospital – Collectorate office – Indore Bypass 1

On Line 1A of the Indore Metro route, the following metro stations are proposed:

Sri Aurobindo Hospital Mara Mata Square Bhawarkuan Square
Bhawarsala Square Imli Bazar Chowk Holkar University/IT Park
Sanwer Industrial Area Rajwada Palace Rani Bagh
Ganesh Sham Colony Collectorate Office Limbodi
Banganga Indore Icchapur Rail Crossing Ralamandal
Laxmibai Nagar Square Tower Square Indore Bypass 1

Indore Metro Line-1B

  • There are a total of 13 Metro stations in Line 1A.
  • Sri Aurobindo Hospital – Collectorate office – Regional Park (1B)

On Line 1B of the Indore Metro route, the following metro stations are proposed:

Sri Aurobindo Hospital Imli Bazar Chowk
Bhawarsala Square Rajwada Palace
Sanwer Industrial Area Collectorate Office
Ganesh Sham Colony Central Excise
Banganga Choithram, Regional Park 
Laxmibai Nagar Square  
Mara Mata Square  

Indore Metro Line-2:

  • There are a total of 28 Metro stations in Line 2.
  • Dewas Naka – Juni Indore – MHOW
  • On Line 2 of the Indore Metro route, the following metro stations are proposed:
Name of Stations Name of Stations Name of Stations
Dewas Naka Juni Indore Indore Bypass-2
Niranjanpur Circle Collectorate Office Pigdambar
Aranya Nagar Mhow Naka Umariya
IDA Park Dusshera Maidan Maa Vaishanodevi Hospital
Vijay Nagar Square Annapurna Temple Haranyakheri / IIT Indore
Bhamori Narmada Public School (Ring Road) Chinar Residency
Patni Pura/St Joseph Church Rajendra Nagar MHOW 
Malwa Mill Square Reti Mandi  
Raj Kumar Bridge IPS Academy  
Indore Railway Station Shramik Colony  

Indore Metro Line - 4

  • There are a total of 16 Metro stations in Line 1A.
  • MR9 – Indore Railway Station – Indore Bypass 4

On Line 4 of the Indore Metro route, the following metro stations are proposed:

MR9 Mazdoor Maidan Teen Imli, Babul Nagar
Convention Center Rajkumar Bridge Musakhedi
Lahiya Colony Indore Railway Station Indore Bypass 4 
Chandragupta Square Chhavani  
Sukliya Sri Agrasen Maharaj Chowk  
Nanda Nagar Main Road Navlakha Bus Station  

Indore Metro Fare

Fares, tariffs, and restrictions for the Indore Metro have yet to be announced. This will be finalized closer to the beginning of commercial operations. With its Automatic Fare Collecting (AFC) system, MPMRCL plans to integrate cutting-edge technology, such as QR codes and Near Field Communications.

If you look at metro fares in other parts of the country, you can expect Indore Metro to be affordable. It is possible to travel across the city, explore the main attractions, and reach the major destinations of the city without burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally, Indore Metro offers a wide range of amenities at a low cost.

Indore Metro Timings

These days, a major problem in Indore is the congestion of the roads due to more traffic, which causes unnecessary delays. The Indore Metro will be available on the platform every few minutes or so, allowing you to travel more efficiently.

The Indore Metro route's timing chart is yet to be revealed. This will be finalized closer to the start of commercial operations.

The Indore Metro Rail Initiative will help the city's 30 lakh residents by connecting the city's high-population areas with new areas that are being developed, the railway station, airport and ABD.

The metro will increase Indore City's speed by seven times. Today, buses transport roughly 3000 commuters per hour, but the Metro will transport more than 22,000 commuters per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Indore Metro's main depot?

In Gandhi Nagar, an area of 26.25 hectares has been designated for the Indore Metro train depot.

Indore Metro is developed and managed by Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited. This company is owned by both the Union and State governments.

Line 3, the yellow line, is only in operational mode.

There will be three types of runs: on the road, on bridges, and underground in some cases.

In September 2019, the state's Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for Phase 1 of the project. In February 2019, work on the project began and is expected to be completed by 2026.

There are a total of 4 Indore metro lines. Line 3 is operational, the remaining 3 lines have been proposed to the authority.


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