Central Park Jaipur, Entry Ticket price, Timing, Address

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Trip with your love at the loving location of Central Park Jaipur

In the heart of the loving ‘Pink City’ Jaipur, Central Park is one of the most desirable locations to hunt with your lovable one. Rajasthan is always a much-seeking destination for everyone, especially for honeymoon couples. Here, Central Park Jaipur added some extra spark to arrive in this loving city. 

So, this is dedicated to all recent couples who are looking to explore a beautiful location with a romantic atmosphere.

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Central Park Jaipur

It is one of the major locations and beautiful parks in Jaipur. It is located in the heart of the town and a core attraction for everyone who is fond of love in a peaceful and silent ambiance. 

It is a place with a 5 km pathway full of trees and easy to jog and run. It is a great picnic spot for its cozy nature settings and wide green lushes. People frequently prefer this spot for a quick hook-up with their near and dear ones or family, especially in winter. 

Central Park Jaipur is an absolute place for kids as they can run anywhere here with cycling, badminton, and more. A beautiful sanctuary for bird watchers too. It is also a great place for yoga, you can find a special spot here where you can do your morning exercise. 

This park is a development of the Jaipur Development Authority and was invented in 2006, as a gift from the Maharajas of Jaipur. This is the park where you can see the Indian Nation Flag with a height of 206 feet. Visitors can also explore many stone statues beside this National Flag.

Central Park Jaipur Timing

Well, you can visit this park every day from Monday to Sunday (open from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM) with your loved ones or family. It is a loving place for love birds and couples.

Central Park Jaipur Ticket Price

Central Park Jaipur ticket price costs zero. Yes, guys, it’s true. You absolutely don’t have to spend a single penny to enter the park. So, everyone can visit here.

Places that you should not miss when in Central Park

Birla Mandir: Blessings are essential everywhere, whether you are a new couple or going to be married. So, this is the place for it. This is a renowned temple with a glorious structure that magnifies all time. Of its beautiful sanctuary, architects love to visit here too. 

Here, you can also find lush gardens with scenic greenery. 

BM Birla Auditorium: Who doesn’t love to see an auditorium near a park? So, you can easily encounter BM Birla Auditorium near Central Park Jaipur. Invented in 1963 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Then Prime Minister of India) is the most iconic milestone inside the city that is the hub of science and innovation. 

Chandlai Lake: This lake is located near the Albert Museum. With a huge amount of migratory birds, especially the Pied Avocet, this lake is a must-watch place for couples. You can encounter a wide range of these migratory bird species during winter here. 

Albert Hall Museum: With an eye-catchy structure, this museum is the most stunning one in this place. Plenty of visitors come to this museum just to see its structural epitome. It was invented with the inspiration of Indo - Saracenic domes carved arches with sandstone. 

Jantar Mantar: The name is telling most of it. Built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh, it is especially used to know the cosmic timetable at that time with celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and other planets. 

Now it is a great visiting place for people from all over India. 

Hawa Mahal: This is a magnificent structure near Central Park Jaipur for its mesmerizing pink-painted, honeycombed hive that derives a bewildering five stories of an ascent. 

Things to Do in Central Park Jaipur

Many things you can do here, as stated earlier in this article, it is a great place with huge lush green grounds. So, it is the best place for kids to play all day long. They can play various games here too. 

For yoga trainers and practitioners, it is the best place in Jaipur. They can do the exercise in the morning or the evening as per their preferable timing. 

This is a great place for jogging and regular exercise too. By jogging in this fresh air, you can also chill with your friends and family. 

This is the best place for couples, they can find good quality time here by walking in the morning or in the evening time. You can encounter Rambagh Polo Ground and golf club, both near this area. 

Tips when you are in Central Park

Though there are no such vital things to follow while you will be in Central Park Jaipur, you have to keep some things in mind:

  • You should never throw your trash anywhere. 
  • You should not hand over your essentials to any unknown fellow. 
  • You must keep your all stuff with you all time and not keep them anywhere without a look over from a person. 
  • You must use the public washroom in your time of need, and never engage yourself or your kids to the toilet in public. 
  • The best time to visit is morning. 
  • You must carry a camera to capture the beautiful bird sanctuary and other stone statues, and also for selfie purposes. 
  • If you are a music lover and a romantic person, then you must visit here during the evening for the sunset and musical fountain to breeze your mood. 

How to reach Central Park Jaipur

  • By Air: You will land at Jaipur International Airport when you are coming outside this city. You will easily book a private cab, taxi, or bus service to bring you from there to the destination. 
  • By Train: This is a place at a distance of 4 km from the Jaipur junction. You can get all the necessary transport services from there to reach the spot. 
  • By Metro: Your stop will be the Mansarovar metro station. From there you can get private or Govt bus service easily to reach Central Park Jaipur. 
  • By Road: Jaipur is well-connected to all the national highways. You can get any national highway, or bypass route to save the journey time. 

Central Park Distance from Major Landmarks

Jaipur Railway Station  3.3 km
Jaipur Bus stand 3.9 km
Statue Circle 400 meters
Amber Fort 11.4 km
Jaipur Airport 10.4 km
Albert Museum Hall 4 km


Best Time to Visit Central Park

When you are planning to schedule a trip to Central Park Jaipur, autumn to winter is the most ideal time, which means October to February. As this is a park, these seasons are the best to cherish your moments with your dear ones. Skip monsoons for the heavy rainfall and unpleasant ground. 

You should also skip summer from March to June for the extremely hot weather of Central Park Jaipur timing. It is better to hang out from September to Feb here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pets to Central Park?

No, this is strictly prohibited inside the park.

Yes, you can use your restroom as per your need.

Absolutely zero. Central Park Jaipur is free for all.

Nope, but kids can play badminton, catch and go and many more games.

Never. You should bring your food from outside or your home.

The best will be the southwest corner of 59th St. It can be helpful to find the spot as this is just at the front of the Plaza Hotel. You can easily find other gates, as well, from here.

Here, you can join a guided tour if you are new. You can also take a Pedicab or bike to the park for a better trip.

6 Avenue Express is the train.

October to December is the best time to visit here. You can enjoy calm and cool weather with better rejoicing in the Central Park Jaipur timing.

Well, you can spend 3 - 4 hours easily here. It is a place to refresh your mind and mood. The evening is better here.


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