Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Shubh Muhurat, Date, Tithi and Timesss

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Shubh Muhurat, Date, Tithi and Timesss Advertisement

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

In the Hindu religion, Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the holiest festivals.This auspicious occasion is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, also known as the remover of obstacles and the god of wealth and prosperity. People celebrate this joyous festival by worshipping Lord Ganesha with utmost devotion and reverence.

When the Hindu calendar varies each year, it is important to know when Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 will take place, so that every aspect can be performed at the right time.

Additionally, knowing about Shubh muhurat (auspicious time) plays a significant role in conducting any religious ceremony smoothly with various rituals like Prana Pratishtha (invoking life into idol), Shodashopachara (sixteen forms of paying homage), Archana (offering puja and prasadam).

Most states of India like Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Karnataka all celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi festival with great enthusiasm.

Overview of Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 marks the auspicious day when Lord Ganesha, the revered deity in Hinduism, is believed to have been born. This vibrant festival holds immense significance as it symbolises not only the birth of this divine being but also embodies auspiciousness, wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. Nearly every home worships Lord Ganesha before performing a puja or ritual in India.

The festival is also called Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the god of knowledge, wealth, and new beginnings.

Ganesh Chaturthi Significance

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, the grand festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh, is eagerly awaited by millions across various regions. This ten-day extravaganza will reach its climax with Ganesh Visarjan on Thursday, the 28th of September.Numerous names of Ganesha such as Gajanana, Dhumraketu, Ekadanta, Siddhi Vinayaka reflect his divine attributes and powers. The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is an occasion that brings immense joy and devotion among believers. 

According to the Hindu calendar, this auspicious day will commence on Tuesday, the 19th of September 2023. It is during these ten days that devotees immerse themselves in prayers and rituals dedicated to Lord Ganesha - seeking his blessings for success and happiness in life ahead.

Ganesh Puja, Date & Time 2023

Devotees can mark their calendars for September 19th, 2023, after the auspicious Vishwakarma Puja. The festival is believed to occur during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month in the Hindu calendar which typically falls between August and September on the Gregorian calendar.

In 2023, festivities will commence on September 18th and conclude on September 19th. Also know that  Ganesh Chaturthi is not an all-day affair but rather spans from 12:39 PM to 8:43 PM. All devotees come together to pay homage to Lord Ganesha. Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat will begin at 11:01 am and end at 01:28 pm.

Let us embrace this joyous occasion with open hearts and minds while cherishing every moment of these two hours and twenty-seven minutes dedicated solely to celebrating his divine presence among us.

Ganesh Puja Tithi begins at 12:39 pm on September 18, 2023, and ends at 01:43 pm on September 19, 2023.

So Ganesha Chaturthi is held on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, and a Ganesha Visarjan on Thursday, September 28, 2023.

History of Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

According to ancient Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The story goes that during one fateful moment when Shiva was filled with anger, he accidentally severed Ganesh's head in a fit of rage. To console the grieving Parvati, Shiva replaced their son's head with that of an elephant, giving rise to Lord Ganesh as we know him today - with a unique appearance characterized by an elephant-headed figure possessing a muscular torso and four arms.This compassionate act not only brought solace to Parvati but also symbolizes acceptance and resilience in times of adversity. Throughout history, people have worshipped Lord Ganesh under various names like Ekdanta (the single-tusked), Lambodara (pot-bellied), Vighnaharta among others due to his multifaceted nature.

According to Hindu mythology, Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and puja Vidhi are listed below.

  • Need to get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Place the ideal on a chowki cover with eight red or yellow clothes.
  • Put haldi Kumkum tilak on Lord Ganesh's forehead and sprinkle Gangajal on it, light a Diya, and sprinkle Gangajal over it.
  • Offer Laddu and Modak and Meetha Paan, yellow flowers, pan Supari, and five types of dry fruits
  • Head should be covered with a beautiful dupatta and includes five types of fruits also
  • Pooja begins with Om Gan Ganpatye Namah, Astvinayak namo Namah.

Ganesh Chaturthi Muhurat

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Ganesha was believed to have been born during the Gregorian month of August or September. Specifically, this auspicious occasion corresponds to the Shukla Paksha of the Bhadrapada month on the Hindu calendar.

In 2023, Ganesh Chaturthi will be observed on Tuesday, September 19th. It marks the beginning of a ten-day festival known as Ganesha Utsav and concludes with an event called Ganesh Visarjan on Thursday, September 28th.

On this day, people chant the Ganesh Chaturthi Puja mantra, which starts with Om Ganapataye Namaha and ends with Namami Vigneshwara pada Pankajam.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 Rituals

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja 2023 begins with the ritual of Ganesh Chaturthi. During these days, the duration of Ganesh Chaturthi is 10 days, and 16 rituals are performed. It is performed by all Hindus and with the help of Brahmins. It is these rituals that are performed to sanctify the Ganpati idol. This is the first step of worshipping Lord Ganesha after doing the deep Prajwalan and Sankalp.

A mantra is pronounced in Sanskrit by devotees during the fourth stage and the Ganesh Chaturthi ritual is performed afterward. At the end of the ritual, the Ganesh idol is immersed in water. Chanting Ganpati Baba Morya and also lord Ganapati come soon next year can be heard.

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