Sealdah Metro Station, Address, Route Map, Facilities, Landmark

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Overview of Sealdah Metro Station

Sealdah is located in West Bengal, in the state of Kolkata. A metro station named Sealdah is located on Line 2 of the Kolkata Metro, also known as the east-west metro or Green Line. The Kolkata metro Line 2 runs between Salt Lake and Sealdah and is 32.11 kilometers long. Sealdah metro station is India's first underwater metro tunnel and the deepest metro shaft in the world.

Two phases of the Kolkata Metro's green line are under construction. In comparison, the remaining three and four phases are being planned. As of 14th February 2020, the first phase of the Sealdah metro line connecting Salt Lake to Sector V and Salt Lake Stadium is in commercial operation.

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited owns and operates Sealdah Metro station, a train line that connects Kolkata underground.

In addition, the Sealdah metro runs along the eastern side of the Indian Railway Station. Therefore, you can find Sealdah Court on the west side of the Sealdah Metro. At the same time, Vidyapati Setu is located on the north side of the  Sealdah metro station. In addition to the metro station, the pedestrian subway also contains the train station. Currently, the metro route runs between Sector V and Phoolbagan, the city's IT sector.

In March 2022, the Commissioner of Railway Safety approved the beginning of commercial operations at this station. However, due to several factors, the deadline was not met. The Union minister, Ms. Smiti Irani, finally opened the ceremony on 11th July 2022. Upon the opening of the metro on 14th July 2022, more than 35,000 passengers will be served daily.

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Sealdah Metro Station Location

A metro station serves one of the most prominent areas of Kolkata, Sealdah. Over the past few years, a substantial infrastructure expansion has been observed in the well-known city of Sealdah. The Hooghly River is nearby, which makes the area attractive. APC and other roads also provide convenient access to different city areas.

Sealdah metro station's address - is Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Sealdah, Rajabazar, Kolkata - 700009.
It is located on Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, adjacent to the railway station. Buses, taxis, and other public transportation options are available to transport you to this metro station. According to the digital map, the Sealdah metro station is at 22.567207°N 88.371497°E.

Sealdah Metro Station: About it

The Sealdah metro station is located on the Green line of the Kolkata metro. It serves a large number of commuters each day. In addition to being 16 meters deep, the station is connected directly to the Sealdah railway station. An interchange facility here allows commuters to use the services of the eastern railway. On the east-west metro network, it is the seventh stop.

In Sealdah, the base fare for the metro system is Rs 10, which makes it quite affordable for travelers. A passenger can travel up to ten kilometers in about twenty minutes from Sealdah to Salt Lake City Sector V. Sealdah is more extensive than PhoolBagan. A platform on the island will also assist people in exiting the metro coach.

A total of four platforms, including side platforms and island platforms, are located at the station, along with three tracks. Due to its architectural design, passengers can enter the Sealdah metro station effortlessly and comfortably. It is important to note that the entrance and exit of the metro station are located on the ground floor.

The last floor of the building (the mezzanine floor) contains the fire control, the station agent, the ticket-generating machine, as well as shops and restaurants. Salt City Sector V is the destination for the trains heading east, and Howrah Maidan will serve as the destination for the trains heading west in the future. People with disabilities can enter either side platform doors, both on the left, using the side platform doors. There are doors on the island platform that opens on the right side and are also accessible to people with disabilities. 

There is a travel time of approximately 30 minutes between the two locations.

Sealdah Metro Station: Facilities

Sealdah Metro Station was planned and facilitated well with proper management. Below is a list of the features and facilities available on Sealdah Metro.

  • Shops
  • Lifts
  • The artwork showcases the rich culture of West Bengal
  • Concourse Area
  • Automatic Ticket Vending Machine
  • Escalators
  • Access for the Disabled
  • Parking lot
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • And Fire Safety Doors.

Sealdah Metro Station Route Map 

It is possible to travel by train from Sealdah to Salt Lake Sector-V and vice versa. There are seven stops along this route, which is spread over 17 kilometers. The Sealdah metro station route ends at Phoolbagan (Green Line). The next station will be Esplanade, Kolkata, which connects to the Blue Line.

Sealdah Metro Station: Distance to famous locations

Due to its centrally located neighborhood and good road network, this route connects some famous spots and areas in Kolkata. Near the Sealdah metro station is the Sealdah Railway Station, just 300 meters away. Sealdah Metro Station is 15.5 kilometers from the Kolkata airport Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport.

Following is a list of famous areas connected by the Sealdah Metro station and their distances.

  • 8.5 Km from Salt Lake Sector-V metro station
  • 4.4 Km from Howrah bridge
  • 4.1 Km from Tour de Sundarbans
  • 3.8 Km from Indian Museum
  • 4 Km from Jorasanko Thakurbari
  • 2.8 Km from Thanthania Kalibari
  • 3.1 Km from Shaheed Minar
  • 2.9 Km from New Market
  • 4 Km from Rabindra Bharati Museum
  • 3.3 Km from Raj Bhawan

Sealdah Metro Station: Distance to Nearby Landmarks 

There are several prominent landmarks within a short distance of Sealdah metro station, including:

  • 750m from St. Paul's Mission School
  • 800m from St John's Church
  • 2 Km from St Laetitia's School
  • 1.2 Km from St. Paul's Mission School
  • 1.2 Km from Baptist Girls Higher Secondary School
  • 1.4 Km from Lady Dufferin Victoria Hospital
  • 2.8 Km from Mercy Hospital
  • 2.7 Km from North City Hospital
  • 3.4 Km from All One In Christ Church
  • 3.8 Km from Quest Mall
  • 8.1 Km from P S Srijan Corporate Park
  • 8.7 Km from It Lagoon
  • 8.2 Km from Ambuja Neotia Ecocenter
  • 8.3 Km from Bengal Intelligent Park

Sealdah Metro Station Route: Restaurants Around it

Within a short distance of the Sealdah metro station, you will find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and small eateries. For beverages, snacks, food, and anything else you desire to satisfy your growling stomach, here are a few restaurants and eateries you should consider.

  • 500m from BBQ Restaurant
  • 900m from Aahar Restaurant
  • 900m from The Dragon House 
  • 1 Km from Turmeric Restaurant
  • 1.8 Km from Zaid Food Dot Com
  • 1 Km from Oh My Kebab
  • 1.3 Km from Sonali Chinese Restaurant
  • 1.9 Km from Taj Restaurant
  • 1 Km from A. J. Spice Restaurant

Sealdah Metro Station Route: Residential Projects Near it

A good residential system has attracted many people to the metro projects. They are prepared to purchase land near the metro station. As Sealdah is close to the Metro Station and is accessible to social amenities and other parts of the city, it is also very popular with job seekers.

In this area, residential homes range in price from Rs.60 lacs to Rs.1.60 crores. The rental price generally ranges between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 40,000.

Located near the Sealdah Metro Station is the following housing complex:

  • Convent Corner
  • KGC La Casa Greens
  • Ekta Oleander
  • Ideal Heights
  • Parkside Residency
  • KGC Solitaire 20
  • Ecoprime Highrise Eco Primavera
  • Orion Residency

Sealdah Metro Station: Commercial Complex Near it

Near the Sealdah Metro station are many large and small commercial complexes. It is possible to find offices in some shops and showrooms in others. A few examples of these commercial buildings are provided below.

  • 1.7 Km from Siddhart City Center
  • 2.4 Km from Ruchi Active Business Park
  • 2.2 Km from Diamond Prestige

Sealdah Metro Station: Latest news

To reach Howrah, the metro line will cross the Hooghly River and continue eastward to Teghoria. There will be an extension of 2.33 kilometers.

Additionally, a portion of the route runs under the Hooghly River, the first of its kind in India, with a total distance of 22 kilometers. In the east, there will be 17 stations; in the west, there will be 11 elevated stations and 6 underground.

This project will connect India's two principal commercial centers with its two largest long-distance railway terminals, Sealdah and Howrah, resulting in a high daily ridership. As a result, passengers can travel fast and at a very reasonable cost. By extending the metro line, more connectivity will be provided, and travel times will be reduced.

Finally Sealdah Metro Station

Sealdah Metro Station was opened in July 2022 as a well-constructed underground metro station. The metro system allows people to travel quickly to other parts of the city. The station connects many areas of the city and is located in a prime neighborhood in the city's heart. Daily thousands of commuters use this station daily as it is equipped with the latest facilities. Additionally, this station offers reasonable ticket prices, making it the most convenient method of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me when the Sealdah metro station route opened

On July 14, 2022, commercial operations began at the metro station.

From Sealdah metro station to Sector V, a total of nine stations are present. These include elevated, overground, and underground stations.

On the route of the Sealdah metro station, there are three interchange stations. These interchange stations are called Salt Lake Sector V, Sealdah, and Esplanade.

Within a short walk of the metro railway station, the Sealdah metro station can be reached.

The Dragon House, BBQ Restaurant, and Aahar Restaurant are the three restaurants nearest to the Sealdah metro station.


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