Snow Park Kolkata, Ticket Price, Timing, Address

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Snow Park Kolkata: A must-visit wonderland in a busy city

Hopefully, most of all are familiar with the name ‘snow park Kolkata’ now. Kolkata is a rich city of art and culture along with fun and innovative activities. Snow Park added a new feather to its innovation. Located on Axis Mall’s 6th floor, Rajarhat, this place is a hub of artificially created winter to surprise visitors with other fun games. It is a kind of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a must-visit place for all snow lovers. 

Dive deep into this article about more of this place with other vital stats.

Experience All season Snow at snow park, Kolkata

This is a place where you can experience snow in all seasons. Beautifully designed and well-equipped with all the modern techniques, this place can take you to the winter in any weather. You will be dramatically surprised and pleased simultaneously by the cool atmosphere of the place with absolutely real-looking snowflakes. 

The snow park Kolkata is a place for everyone, so you can enjoy it with your full family or any near and dear ones here. Visitors can experience 6 degrees Celsius temperature here and that’s why you can get all the necessary warm clothes like winter jackets, boots, pants, gloves, and more from the operative authority. 

A Great Place for Entertainment - Snow Park Kolkata

If you are a fun-loving person and looking for frequent entertainment activities, this is the best place for it. You can enjoy the snow with the coolest feeling and spend your time out of the crowd of the city and your workaholic day.

Snow Park Kolkata Ticket Price

This is one of the crucial points that every reader is waiting for, the Snow Park Kolkata ticket price and timing to visit. So, here is the accurate info. It's nearly 600 INR per person for an hour of visit, and you can get your winter coats or jackets, gloves, boots, and all other warm clothes including the fee. You can also protect your warm stuff with an added charge of 100 by having a special locker facility. All your deposits you will get in return after the visiting time. 

Time to Visit Ticket Price Timing to spend
Summer 600 INR 1 hour
Monsoon 600 INR 1 hour
Autumn 600 INR 1 hour
Winter 600 INR 1 hour


Snow Park Kolkata Timing

The place is open to explore from 11 am and closed at 8 pm every day of the week, closing time is not fixed though, as it depends upon the visitor's capacity. 

Best time to visit to Snow Park Kolkata

Though you can visit this place any time of the year, summer is the ideal snow park in Kolkata. Just imagine you are sufficiently exhausted by the temperature like 40 or 45 degrees where a chilled AC is unable to revive you, you can just get an entry into this park, and you will immediately be placed in the world of 6 degrees. What would be more fun and thrilling than it? 

Things to do in Snow Park Kolkata

Visitors can explore many interesting and fun activities in this place and also adventure. The best activities are: 

Ice Disco: It is basically a stage to dance with your own beats on the ice ground. You will have DJ music to cheer you up for the dance. You can enjoy the DJ music and dance whatever you like, or you can dance like a crazy person. Chill! Nobody will embarrass you, everyone goes there to enjoy only the snow park in Kolkata. 

Football on Snow: You can get a small football ice field to play as you like. Don’t worry! You don’t have to play like a professional footballer. It is a fun game, so you can enjoy it in your own way. You can slip, and you can fall, or you can goal even. 

Snow play and blasters for Kids: This is an activity, especially for kids’ enjoyment. Kids can shoot their opposite person with a ball of snow and snow blasters. It is also called a snow fight. 

Trick Photography: As the name shows, it is just like that. Visitors can click a snap of themselves sitting in Snow Park, and they will get an image of themselves by the Swiss Alps. 

Huge Polar Bear: No, not a real beat, but yes looking like a real one. A big bear statue is here in snow park Kolkata to make you feel more excited and also a place to get more snaps for Instagram. 

Selfie Point: As the name suggests, a place to click selfies. But here is a twist, you can get many places to click selfies here like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and many more. No, don’t think these are real ones, all the replicas. 

Mountain Climbing: OMG! No, not in reality but feeling realistic. You can climb on the big layers of snow made like a small mountain to try your hands. 

100 km per hour cold winds: Experience the 100 km going cold wind like a snowstorm, the best attraction of this park within the Snow Park Kolkata ticket price. 

Some other fun activities like tube slides, Swiss sledges, check out the dream castle and many more are waiting for you while visiting. 

How to reach Snow Park

As it is located in Axis Mall in the Rajarhat area, it's frequently connected with all routes of this city, and it's reachable by road, air, and train in any way. 

By Train: Howrah station is your target point if you are coming from outside Kolkata. From there you can reach the destination by hiring any private cab, yellow taxi, or bus service. It will hardly take an hour to reach there. 

By air: You will land at the Netaji Subhas International Airport to reach your destination and from there you can get any private cab, yellow taxi, or bus service easily to place you at the snow park Kolkata within 15–20 minutes.  

By Road: You can choose any highway to reach Kolkata, and bypass routes will be the best for saving the time of the journey. 

Places to visit near Snow Park

Well, you can visit more renowned places while visiting Snow Park, like Mother’s Wax Museum, Aquatica Water Park, Nalbaan, Nicco Park, and more. These places also have a great ambiance and atmosphere to make you chill. 


Kolkata is a place of joy and those who once visit here, never forget the magic of this city. Food, cozy people, the wow tourist places, and a loving atmosphere are the key to visiting here. While you will explore snow park Kolkata you can have a feel of joy too in your heart. Take cozy snaps and viral them into social media after visiting this mesmerizing cool place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for entry to Snow Park?

Well, it's only 600 INR Snow Park Kolkata ticket price per person for an hour. You will get your warm clothes including this ticket price and a private locket to save your stuff with an additional amount of 100 rupees.

You can enjoy the snow, fun activities, taking snapshots, and more here. This is a great mall to shop for luxurious popular brands and many in-house restaurants including Mehak-e-Punjab.

Well, obviously Axis Mall. It is near about, 9000 sq ft area, where the Snow Park Kolkata is formed. It is a themed park for every visitor who loves snow and ice games.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 7.30 pm. Sunday, including other holidays, is there.

No for now, but after the completion of the metro project from Ruby to Rajarhat, everyone from south Kolkata can reach here by metro.

Yes, you can. But your child must be more than 4 years old to cope with the atmosphere.

Yes, you can visit Snow Park Kolkata in any season.

Nope. You will get all the necessary warm clothes like a warm jacket, coat, hand gloves, boots and more from there to accustom you to that atmosphere. Your entry fee will include these things.

No. You have to spend only the entry fee of 600 INR one time and all the fun activities are included in it.


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